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Greetings and welcome to Kindleicious! - your one-stop shop for professionally designed, customised 3D Kindle Ebook covers, 3D Emagazine covers, and more - all brought to life via a spiffy 3D rendering process...!

"Don't judge a book by its cover."

Sage advice perhaps - but how many people actually heed  it? Because appearances do matter; no product of any merit ever got successful by looking dull or uninspiring!

And so... you've written a great book; you might be the next Stephen King or JK Rowling, perhaps a potential Dan Brown; but unless you know the "right" people, or have wads of cash to spare, you're looking to self-publish your meisterwork through Kindle Direct Publishing or Smashwords (or any of the other independent Ebook publishing sites) - great!

Except, of course, so too are tens of thousands of other  budding authors... How best then to capture that vital, initial interest - to stand out from the crowd and to get your  Ebook noticed by those millions of visitors browsing The Kindle store?

By ensuring that yours is an Ebook cover with impact - and how better to do that than to have it presented in an eye-catching 3D  Ebook Cover format - together with a beautiful gloss, subtle light spills, shadings and shadows?

Check this out - how we might convert a standard Kindle Ebook cover...

Perhaps something like this...

Brad Phillips Media Training Bible - 2D Cover

Into any one of these, gorgeous 3D Kindle EBook Covers...

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'The Media Training Bible'  is Copyright Brad Phillips

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